Shelter in Place

Hosted ByChristine Poarch & Alan Combs

Finding shelter in familiar places...and some that aren't.

004: Ah Ah Ah Ah Staying Alive

004: Ah Ah Ah Ah Staying Alive

April 13. Alan & Christine talk to Hospital Chaplain Carly Sawyer about her experiences as being part of a hospital staff preparing for and dealing with the Covid-19 Pandemic.

US Bartenders’ Guild National Charity Foundation:

The Quarantinez
2 oz Barr Hill Gin
1.5 oz Flying Fox Spring Vermouth
2 dashes orange bitters
3 drops rose water
1/2 bar spoon raspberry vitamin-c powderInstructions:

  • add all ingredients to a cocktail pitcher
  • add ice and stir
  • double strain into a chilled coupe glass (2x strain is important to catch any undissolved bits of powder)
  • express orange peel over cocktail, wipe around rim and add to glass
  • cheers!

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