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011: The Class of 2020

This week Alan and Christine talk with Emma Painter and Christian Crawley, two highs school seniors, to hear about what it has been like for them to graduate high school in the midst of a pandemic. The nonprofits they lifted up are the...

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010: Beautiful Questions

This week Christine and Alan talk with Ruthie Lerato, an ER Nurse in Northern Pennsylvania, about her experiences working in a rural hospital during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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009: Cautious Reopening

May 18. In this week’s episode, Alan and Christine talk with Master Licensed Aesthetician Daniella Tsamouras about how the pandemic has affected her MedSpa, Spa310, and what steps she is taking to prepare to cautiously reopen as the Governor of Virginia is about to...

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008: Bless You, I Won’t Do What You Tell Me

Christine and Alan talk with the Rev. Dr. Amy Laura Hall about the challenges and potential inequalities of distance teaching, media narratives of us vs. them, astroturfing in reopen America protests, and how the medieval mystic Julian of Norwich can help us think about...

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007: Virtual Insanity

Joey and Alan talk this week with the Dave Messinger, Chief Technical Office of Topcoder, about the gifts and challenges of technology and the gig economy during the time of COVID-19, tips for maintaining a work/life balance while working from home, and Zoom fatigue....

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006: Faith in the time of COVID

This week Joey Poarch comes out from behind the producer's booth to join Alan for an interview with Rev. Taylor Mertins, thirty something pastor, podcast host of Crackers N' Grapejuice and Strangely Warmed, and fan of parables. Joey, Alan, and Taylor about what it...

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