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005: School’s out for summer, School’s out forever?

April 20. Christine and Alan talk with two college students, Annalese Galleo and Wells Carson, about their experience of being sent home from college because of the pandemic, what it's like to transition to college online, the potential inequities that creates, and how they...

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004: Ah Ah Ah Ah Staying Alive

April 13. Alan & Christine talk to Hospital Chaplain Carly Sawyer about her experiences as being part of a hospital staff preparing for and dealing with the Covid-19 Pandemic.

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003: The Real Blue Apron

April 6. Christine & Alan talk to Chef Scott Switzer about how the restaurant industry is managing risk and navigating changes to accommodate stay-at-home mandates.

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002: Tolerable Uncertainty

March 30. Alan & Christine discuss tolerable uncertainty with guest Jamie Snead, VP of DePaul Community Resources and mother of an immuno-compromised child.

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001: The Pandemic, from the Po(a)rch

March 23, 2020. Christine & Alan talk with PJ George, a Nashville-based musician with Lindsay Lou & Front Country about how musicians are faring after the double-whammy of a tornado and COVID-19.

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000: Shelter In Place Teaser

Shelter in Place a podcast about seeking shelter in places that are familiar and places that aren’t. For us, it has helped to talk through the anxiety and uncertainty of things like the current pandemic. It's clarified some things, and confused others. Together, we...

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